AcceleDent® Optima™: What It Is & Why It’s Worth It

AcceleDent® Optima™: What It Is & Why It’s Worth It

What Is AcceleDent Optima?

AcceleDent® Optima™ is an exciting new orthodontic device that accelerates orthodontic treatment by speeding up the movement of teeth. With Bluetooth capabilities and a comprehensive suite of technology driven features, AcceleDent Optima has been clinically proven to speed up tooth movement by up to 50%, cutting up to 9 months or more off of your orthodontic treatment!

Using its patented SoftPulse technology, AcceleDent Optima delivers small, gentle micropulses that stimulate teeth, allowing them to move to new positions more quickly. The device requires just 20 minutes of use per day, is completely pain-free, and is hands-free to use – so you’re free to surf the web or read while you use it.

The Benefits of AcceleDent Optima

So why would someone want to use AcceleDent Optima? There are a host of benefits:

  • Faster Orthodontic Treatment: AcceleDent Optima speeds up tooth movement by up to 50%, helping to cut your treatment time nearly in half. Additionally, accelerated orthodontics often requires less visits to your orthodontist’s office!
  • Works with Any Form of Treatment: Whether you’re getting traditional metal braces, Invisalign, lingual braces, or any other orthodontic treatment we offer, AcceleDent Optima can help you achieve a new smile faster.
  • Perfect for Weddings & Other Occasions: AcceleDent Optima is ideal for those trying to get a better smile for a wedding or other major life event!
  • Quick & Easy to Use: You only need to use AcceleDent Optima for 20 minutes a day, and it’s a completely hands-free device.
  • Other Health Benefits: Accelerating the orthodontic treatment process can also reduce other oral health issues by decreasing the risk of white spots, cavities and gum inflammation.


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AcceleDent Optima is an excellent way to make orthodontic treatment even more convenient, helping you achieve a new smile faster than ever before. If you’re interested in learning more about AcceleDent Optima or how orthodontic treatment can help improve your smile, we’re always happy to answer your questions. Feel free to reach out to us at our contact page if you have any questions about AcceleDent Optima or our practice, or if you’d like to get started and schedule a consultation, just request one using our easy online form! We look forward to helping you achieve a gorgeous new smile quickly, easily, and conveniently with AcceleDent Optima.