White Spots On Teeth After Braces: Uncommon at Euksuzian Orthodontics & Can Be Prevented

White Spots On Teeth After Braces: Uncommon at Euksuzian Orthodontics & Can Be Prevented

girl using proxabrush on bracesHere at Euksuzian Orthodontics, Dr. Sarkis Euksuzian and his team are always excited to see our patients’ beautiful, glowing smiles when their braces are removed. After all, you’ve done your part to ensure that your new straight smile is nothing short of amazing by being compliant and taking extra care with your oral hygiene. But there is one thing that can put a damper on all the excitement you feel when you’re finished with orthodontic treatment, and that’s white spots that can appear on teeth when your braces come off. While these white spots are very uncommon at our Medford orthodontic practices, we want you to be informed on why they sometimes occur and how to prevent them.

What Causes White Spots?

The visible white spots that sometimes appear on teeth after braces are removed occur due to demineralization on the surfaces of teeth caused by the accumulation of dental plaque. These white spots don’t just appear overnight; they begin well before the day your braces were removed. Decalcification is one of the first steps in what is called the demineralization process that often leads to the development of tooth decay. These spots are often located between the gumline and the brackets that are the most difficult areas to brush.

If there are white spots on your teeth when your braces come off, there’s no need to panic. Most often, these white areas will improve with time as you’ll be better able to remove plaque by thoroughly brushing your teeth without braces being in the way.

Here are a few guidelines that Dr. Sarkis Euksuzian suggests you follow to prevent white spots from appearing on your teeth when your braces are removed:

1. Keep Your Teeth Clean with Diligent Brushing

When you do a great job of brushing your teeth each day, you can prevent the buildup of plaque on tooth surfaces and between the teeth and brackets. Ideally, you should brush your teeth 2 to 3 times per day for two minutes each time. If need be, set a timer to ensure you’re brushing for the full two minutes. And don’t forget your 6-month dental cleaning visit that can help keep these white spots off your teeth.

We also highly recommend using a proxabrush, as seen in the photo above. It can really help you clean those hard-to-reach places around your braces and underneath braces wires. As a courtesy to our patients, we always provide you with a free proxabrush at your first appointment with us!

2. Floss Using a Floss Threader

Flossing your teeth using a floss threader will help remove the buildup of plaque between your teeth and along the gumline. Using a floss threader does take some patience but with a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! The best time to floss your teeth is at bedtime after you’ve brushed. Just be sure to do a good job every time so that plaque doesn’t have the chance to develop.

3. Avoid Acidic and Sugary Drinks & Foods

You should steer clear of acidic and sugary foods and drinks as they can damage the enamel on your teeth, making them more prone to white spots. Instead of drinking soda or fruit juices, stick with water. If you do drink soda or juice, use a drinking straw as less liquid will flow over your teeth this way. Try your best to avoid (or at least limit) the amount of sugary foods and snacks you eat like cookies, cakes, candy, etc. Not only will you be doing your teeth a big favor when you avoid these types of foods, but you’ll feel better and be healthier as well!

Don’t hesitate to contact our Medford, NJ orthodontic office if you have any questions about white spots or how to avoid them. We want the big day you have your braces removed to be a day you’ll never forget without it being spoiled by seeing white spots on your teeth! Euksuzian Orthodontics proudly serves patients of all ages from through the greater South Jersey area including Mt. Laurel, Marlton, Mt. Holly, Voorhees, and Tabernacle, NJ.